Friday, May 5, 2017


Three books, only $20 (incl. s&h)

Tomorrow, the way it used to be!

Join Captain Eddie, glamour-girl robot Kioko, and teenage saucer-jockey Spunky as they take the independent X-9 on a wild ride through all the action, laughs, and unearthly endeavors outer space has to offer! 

Monsters! Rockets! Ray guns! 

With the wisdom of Commander McGuffin, Earth's League of Planets representative, the three plucky star barnstormers battle enemies as strange as they are evil!

1 - Shake, Rattle & Rocket! The beginning of it all. What happens when a two-fisted Earth scientist, a brainy, glamour-girl robot, and a curve-crazy kid saucer-jockey blast off into outer space? Plenty, brother! Plenty!

2 - Ghost Saucers In the Sky! Book two finds the Earth trio facing off against secret, flying killers from space, the oddest, most twisted, and narcissistic ruler you've ever seen, and a mad witch who plots her diabolical planetary-conquest from beyond sanity!

3 - Stratosphere Boogieman! Can Eddie and the X-9 crew save Earth from Doctor Wonder and his Mechanical Men army?!

Check or money orders: 
DC Larson 322 E. Louise St. Waterloo, Iowa 50703

The Retro Riff Pledge

The Retro Riff trademark is, and always has been a positive guarantee that the book bearing it contains only clean and wholesome entertainment. The Retro Riff code eliminates entirely, rather than regulates, objectionable material. That's why, when you buy a Retro Riff book, you can be sure it contains only good fun. "Retro Riff books are good books" is our only credo and constant goal.

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