Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New in 2017! 

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DC Larson

322 E. Louise St.
Waterloo, IA 40703

Songs that cause blue-collar crowds to shout and spin are rooted in America's rich cultural mosaic. They derive from the Appalachian Mountain country and buzzing streets of Chicago. From front porches, barns, honky tonks, juke joints, and one-lung recording operations. They are born from common experiences, telling of human struggles, aspirations, pains, and joys.

Rock'n'roll was never the passing craze 1950s detractors assailed it as being. Of racially and experientially blended character, the defiant style was much more powerful than the milquetoastian social strictures it flattened.

It roared its vitality, its healthy rebelliousness.

Years may change, but emotions and the desperate need to express them out loud never do. Rock'n'roll remains significant. And in audacious glad rags, it struts, still. 


1) Elvis Presley: To smear a King
2) King Records: Rockin' before Sunrise
3) Bettie Page: Dream girl unlaced
4) Paul Burlison: Don't mourn - harmonize!
5) Ray Campi: Slappin' that doghouse, wavin' that scarf
6) Colin Winski: Rebellion and the unheard grail
7) Rick Larson: Greatness at the margin
8) Robert Gordon and Chris Spedding: The pair nonpareil
9) American Patrol: Rockin' 'round the juke machine
10) Barry Ryan: Six-string statesman
11) Danny B. Harvey: Fingertips combustible
12) Wayne Hancock: The upstart who overturned Nashville
13) Dale Watson: Music as character reckoning
14) Hillbilly Casino: America's toughest bar band
15) Nick Curran: The lipstick-smeared, skull-and-crossbones rocker who screamed into that good-time night
16) Jinx Jones: The fire this time
17) James Hand, Robert Lowery
18 The Tremors: Old-fashioned hillbilly feud
19) Leroy Van Dyke: Walk On By, by chance
20) Djordje Stijepovic: They call him indispensable
21) Bettie Page: Sweetheart eternal of the fishnet underground
22) Rock'n'roll will stand!

includes capsule reviews:

Elvis Presley / Cab Calloway / Ella Mae Morse / Tennessee Ernie Ford / Joe Turner / Jerry Lee Lewis / Bettie Page / Chet Atkins / Merle Travis / Johnny Burnette / Link Wray, / Wynonie Harris / Ruth Brown / Gene Vincent / Fats Domino / Carl Perkins / Levi Dexter / Rockats / Stray Cats / Arthur Alexander / Blasters / Ray Campi / Robert Gordon and Chris Spedding / Colin Winski / Rick Larson / Big Al Downing / Wayne Hancock / Leroy Van Dyke / Dale Watson / Hillbilly Casino / Nick Curran / American Patrol / Barry Ryan / Danny B. Harvey / Barrence Whitfield / Gas House Gorillas / Afterdarks / Rhythm Dragons / Carolina Chocolate Drops / Eddie Angel / Big Sandy / Danny Dean / Jinx Jones / 13 Cats / the Tremors / JD McPherson / Nico Duportal / Chop Tops / Chip Hanna / Pat Capocci / Psycho Devilles / Popa Chubby / Dexter Romweber / Reverend Horton Heat / Mars Attacks, more.

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BIG DAY: I just got from the printer a 

limited run of hard copies.

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DC Larson/Retro Riff
322 E. Louise St.
Waterloo, Iowa 50703 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

All three of my Eddie Atomic Space Adventure novels are available as ebooks on Amazon: 

The newest, Stratosphere Boogieman, will soon also be available as a hard copy. I just sent it (including inside b/w illustrations) to the printer, today.

The first two, Shake, Rattle & Rocket! and Ghost Saucers In the Sky! are already available as hard copies. Just $10.00, each.

DC Larson/Retro Riff Books

322 E. Louise St.
Waterloo, Iowa 50703

Sunday, July 19, 2015


"Shake, Rattle & Rocket!"
Travel with Eddie Atomic, Spunky, and Kioko as they blast off in the X-9 for their first outer-space adventures!

"Ghost Saucers In the Sky!"

Adventure #2 finds the Earth trio battling Empress Cassandra, the Mad Witch of Rontarr, and solving the mystery of the deadly Ghost Saucers!

Coming soon!
"Stratosphere Boogieman!"
Can Eddie, Kioko, and Spunky save Earth from the evil Doctor Wonder's Mechanical Man army?!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Thanks to Gary McCluskey for the fantastic (copyrighted) cover and illustrations for my third Eddie Atomic two-fisted outer-space adventure novel! (Here are a few, plus an excerpt.) "Stratosphere Boogieman" is scheduled for mid-2015 release!


The X-9 crew swept into McGuffin's outer office. Eddie strode in the lead.

Glick looked up. "Captain Atomic! Good to see you! I'll tell the commander you're here!"

He touched his intercom. "Sir? Captain Atomic and his crew have arrived!"

"Fine, Glick! Send them in!"

The League employee stood. "Must be important, for Commander McGuffin to call you in!"

"Important enough to keep just between us!" Eddie said, simply.

The chastened Glick watched the visitors pass. 

Spunky brought up the rear. "Cap didn't mean anything!" he assured Glick. "He just likes to keep his cards close to his vest!"

"Of course! I understand!" Glick smiled obsequiously.
"There's been a radical new wrinkle in the League arsenal," the commander began. "But before I disclose it, tell me of this latest incident!"

"Well, sir," Eddie began. "As you know, we were patrolling this side of the galaxy to its boundary. We came across nothing out of the ordinary!" 

He flashed an even-toothed grin. "I'll let Kioko take it from there!"

The girl robot related to McGuffin the runaway transport rocket she had first sighted, and her research of its history.

Eddie then told of the deadly space creature he had fought.

"Cap had to paste it one, square in the pearlies!" Spunky laughed. 

"Nicely done, Captain Atomic!" McGuffin took up an electronic-paper dispatch. "And now, it is I who has heartening news to relate!"

His presentation was interrupted. Glick entered, papers in hand.

"Forgive the intrusion, Commander! These documents that are to go out today require your signature!"

"Of course, of course!" McGuffin set them to one side. "I'll attend to them straightaway!"

Glick left. But he remained just outside the slightly ajar door.

"Now then, back to the reason I sent for you, Eddie! With the addition just now of astro-chemical power resources hidden on two League planetary installations, Tresdemer and Ilgn Athol, our offense/defense capability has been increased multi-fold!"

Eddie let out a low whistle. "Say, that is big news!"

"I'm glad that stuff's on our side!" Spunky laughed.

Kioko struck a thoughtful note. "Commander, with anything that productive of amplified intensity, the levels would have to be correctly aligned beyond even hairs'-breadth miscalculation! Are you confident of balance?"

"That very concern is at this moment being addressed," McGuffin replied. "In fact, your query directs me to the second reason for this meeting! Come, we shall pay a visit to the lab!"

(Glick hurried from his eavesdropping point.)

The X-9 crew followed McGuffin from his office. And found Glick bearing an armload of folders.

"I'm just taking these to the lab!" he explained.


Thursday, May 28, 2015


Back on the saucer-rocket X-9, the three adventurers sped toward Earth.
"Wonder what Commander McGuffin meant by 'matter most urgent?!'" pilot Spunky asked, his eyes on the looming home world.

Eddie was entering an account of the Zero Star incident in his just-begun Saucer Log II. "Right now, I'd say that's anyone's guess!"
He had come far since his days as a researcher at League of Planet's predecessor Earth Agency. Fed up with constricting routine, he'd struck out on his own. An independent braving outer space, he made his own rules.

As Kioko put it, "Eddie has an amazing intellect!"
"And dynamite in his fists!" Spunky would add.
But the captain had learned the value of uniting with allies, when cooperation toward a shared goal promised advantage.

He watched as Kioko's slender fingers flew across her on-board tele-putor's command console. "Spunky, ease up on accelerators 5 and 7! Earth's League of Planets headquarters is right below us!"

The flyer flicked appropriate toggles. The X-9 began descent. "Can't even see the landing port, from this altitude!" Spunky grinned. "But who'm I to face off with navigational data?!"

"Don't ever question mecha-logistics!" cautioned Kioko. Her purple bodysuit clung. It provided sharp contrast to the male rocket-mens' bulkier silver uniforms. "They're resolutely calibrated to within one trillionth of bio-exactitude!"

Spunky threw up a hand. "Question 'em?! I can't even unnerstan' 'em!"

Eddie laughed. "Understand this: Once we've checked in with the commander, and looked over the new building, we've got to be ready to head back into space! Don't get any notions about time off!"

"None at all?!"

Eddie rose from his master-swivel. "None at all! McGuffin may have a line on trouble! And that's our cue to go into action!"

"Commander McGuffin certainly depends upon us!" Kioko's voice was breathy.

"Yeah!" Spunky cracked. "When playing by the rules isn't good enough!"

Captain Atomic shelved the Saucer Log II. "I've learned a lot from McGuffin over the years! He's on the square, for my money!"

Spunky threw over the governing-mandate lever. The X-9 settled into final ground capture.

Kioko snatched up her compact. "I have just moments to prepare for greeting!"

"Man, oh man!" Spunky affected gruffness, as he locked the aerodynamic craft into End Mode. "We're about to land, and all she's thinking about is pretty war paint!"

Eddie chuckled, and formalized the disembarking process. The ship's inner exit whirred to one side.

"Come on, let's find the Commander!" He strode toward the door. "And, Spunk," the burly captain dropped his voice, conspiratorially. "I'd take it easy on our girl here, if I were you! She's gotten us out of a couple of jams, as I recall!"

"Aw, Cap! I'm only kiddin' her along!" The flyer winked at Kioko. "She knows that, don'tcha?!"

She brushed him to one side. "Don't let it bother you, little man!"

Spunky grinned as she and Eddie moved ahead. "'Little man!'" He pulled up short -- "Huh? HEY!" -- and scrambled to catch up.


   Commander McGuffin took the Galactic Academy Class of 2019 graduation photo from his office wall. His classmates had scattered. Bigsby had become a laboratory master-analyst. Matthews, an grand-archivist. Collingsworth, a researcher. Stevenson had taken to drink and gone into the show business.

   One fellow was absent. Khabarrah Khoom. McGuffin sighed. Odd duck. The mysterious, exotic Khoom had been his roomate. Driven nearly to madness by his quest for scientific knowledge and immortality. So many tortured nights of chemical experimentation. So many fruitless bids for breakthroughs.

   And then, the explosion in the abandoned laboratory Khoom had refurbished. The terrible fire. Young Khabarrah Khoom had been horribly disfigured. His dreams dashed, the tortured wretch had vanished. Never to be heard from, again.

   Until now. McGuffin looked to the letter he held. "Great danger looms on Earth's horizon, but do not be foolish. Other planets have found reason and discretion to be salvational. Anger and violence will beget only Earth's destruction. I will soon explain further. Khabarrah."

   The desk intercom buzzed. "Commander McGuffin," said the secretary. "Earth Agency Global Control is on line one."

   The space veteran returned to his desk. He pressed the line activator. "McGuffin here."

   "Commander, we need a status report on all EA West deliveries and arrivals for the week."

   McGuffin pawed through a sheaf of printouts. "Of course, of course...it's all here." He read off the needed statistics.

   After documenting the data, the Global Control representative dropped the formal tone. "There's another matter. We've received reports of an independent craft's having left your hemisphere. What's going on there at West? You know all flights are to be pre-approved and duly regulated."

   The Commander sighed and fell back in his chair. "Of course I know that! I've been at the helm here since --" Too long. "But you don't know Captain Eddie Atomic!"

   "'Atomic,' you say? He's behind this independent space travel?"

   "He is, indeed." McGuffin studied the cosmic chip. "Atomic has a top-flight scientific mind. A marvel, really. But unfortunately, he also has an appetite for adventure, an instinctual craving for independence."

   A gasp. "But, such impulses are uncouth throwbacks. We live in reasonably-ordered, modern times, that populations might be productively channeled."

   "I know," McGuffin agreed. "But somehow, Eddie got past the uniform instruction and regimentation. He's a square peg with no time for round holes."

   The operator protested. "But there's a risk he could jeopardize Earth Agency's deliveries and financial transactions!"

   "Not a chance. Eddie Atomic has no interest in such things," McGuffin assured. "He's a wild one, I'll grant you. But otherwise harmless. He wants excitement. But no more."

   Fingering Khoom's letter, the Commander began, "I just received an alarming warning that other planets..."

The operator cut him off. "Earth Agency is not interested in other planets' affairs. Eddie Atomic's independence is unacceptable. And your own tolerant attitude toward it is most troubling. Your position with Earth Agency depends upon your effective and immediate resolution of the Atomic matter. He must return to Earth immediately."

   "But he is no longer an operative, I tell you! Now, about this message -"

   "Earth Agency has in its top echelon experts most able to deal with external issues. Confine your attentions to Earth Agency West business."

   McGuffin watched the intercom "In Use" light fade.

   Uncouth. Unacceptable. Troubling. Confine.

   He hurled his digital pencil across the office. It stuck in the wall.
                                                           * * *