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DC Larson

322 E. Louise St.
Waterloo, IA 40703

Songs that cause blue-collar crowds to shout and spin are rooted in America's rich cultural mosaic. They derive from the Appalachian Mountain country and buzzing streets of Chicago. From front porches, barns, honky tonks, juke joints, and one-lung recording operations. They are born from common experiences, telling of human struggles, aspirations, pains, and joys.

Rock'n'roll was never the passing craze 1950s detractors assailed it as being. Of racially and experientially blended character, the defiant style was much more powerful than the milquetoastian social strictures it flattened.

It roared its vitality, its healthy rebelliousness.

Years may change, but emotions and the desperate need to express them out loud never do. Rock'n'roll remains significant. And in audacious glad rags, it struts, still. 


1) Elvis Presley: To smear a King
2) King Records: Rockin' before Sunrise
3) Bettie Page: Dream girl unlaced
4) Paul Burlison: Don't mourn - harmonize!
5) Ray Campi: Slappin' that doghouse, wavin' that scarf
6) Colin Winski: Rebellion and the unheard grail
7) Rick Larson: Greatness at the margin
8) Robert Gordon and Chris Spedding: The pair nonpareil
9) American Patrol: Rockin' 'round the juke machine
10) Barry Ryan: Six-string statesman
11) Danny B. Harvey: Fingertips combustible
12) Wayne Hancock: The upstart who overturned Nashville
13) Dale Watson: Music as character reckoning
14) Hillbilly Casino: America's toughest bar band
15) Nick Curran: The lipstick-smeared, skull-and-crossbones rocker who screamed into that good-time night
16) Jinx Jones: The fire this time
17) James Hand, Robert Lowery
18 The Tremors: Old-fashioned hillbilly feud
19) Leroy Van Dyke: Walk On By, by chance
20) Djordje Stijepovic: They call him indispensable
21) Bettie Page: Sweetheart eternal of the fishnet underground
22) Rock'n'roll will stand!

includes capsule reviews:

Elvis Presley / Cab Calloway / Ella Mae Morse / Tennessee Ernie Ford / Joe Turner / Jerry Lee Lewis / Bettie Page / Chet Atkins / Merle Travis / Johnny Burnette / Link Wray, / Wynonie Harris / Ruth Brown / Gene Vincent / Fats Domino / Carl Perkins / Levi Dexter / Rockats / Stray Cats / Arthur Alexander / Blasters / Ray Campi / Robert Gordon and Chris Spedding / Colin Winski / Rick Larson / Big Al Downing / Wayne Hancock / Leroy Van Dyke / Dale Watson / Hillbilly Casino / Nick Curran / American Patrol / Barry Ryan / Danny B. Harvey / Barrence Whitfield / Gas House Gorillas / Afterdarks / Rhythm Dragons / Carolina Chocolate Drops / Eddie Angel / Big Sandy / Danny Dean / Jinx Jones / 13 Cats / the Tremors / JD McPherson / Nico Duportal / Chop Tops / Chip Hanna / Pat Capocci / Psycho Devilles / Popa Chubby / Dexter Romweber / Reverend Horton Heat / Mars Attacks, more.

Friday, May 5, 2017


Three books, only $20 (incl. s&h)

Tomorrow, the way it used to be!

Join Captain Eddie, glamour-girl robot Kioko, and teenage saucer-jockey Spunky as they take the independent X-9 on a wild ride through all the action, laughs, and unearthly endeavors outer space has to offer! 

Monsters! Rockets! Ray guns! 

With the wisdom of Commander McGuffin, Earth's League of Planets representative, the three plucky star barnstormers battle enemies as strange as they are evil!

1 - Shake, Rattle & Rocket! The beginning of it all. What happens when a two-fisted Earth scientist, a brainy, glamour-girl robot, and a curve-crazy kid saucer-jockey blast off into outer space? Plenty, brother! Plenty!

2 - Ghost Saucers In the Sky! Book two finds the Earth trio facing off against secret, flying killers from space, the oddest, most twisted, and narcissistic ruler you've ever seen, and a mad witch who plots her diabolical planetary-conquest from beyond sanity!

3 - Stratosphere Boogieman! Can Eddie and the X-9 crew save Earth from Doctor Wonder and his Mechanical Men army?!

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DC Larson 322 E. Louise St. Waterloo, Iowa 50703

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