Tuesday, May 26, 2015


"These would be very good movie serials!"
- actor Conrad Brooks, Ed Wood's Plan 9 From Outer Space

"If they make it into a film, I want to be the robot!"
- cult film star Tura Satana, The Astro-Zombies; Mark of the Astro-Zombies; Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill; Doll Squad

"DC Larson's luminous writing harkens back to the golden age of science fiction, when Asimov, Heinlein, Bates, and von Vogt ruled the universe!"
- Jan Alan Henderson, author Speeding Bullet, Rocky Jones: Space Ranger, and the Legendary Lydecker Brothers.

"In terms of style, DC Larson also jumped back in time for his latest novel, 'Ghost Saucers In the Sky!' which chronicles the exploits of Captain Eddie Atomic, sprightly young copilot Spunky, and beautiful robotic navigator Kioko. Penned with such early kids TV series as Rocky Jones, Space Ranger and Flash Gordon in mind, the tale is a high-octane, planet-hopping scramble through a cosmos brimming with menacing aliens, egomaniacal villains, and physics-defying rocketry."
- Jeff Berkwits, Sci Fi Magazine

"I have been reviewing books now for just about a year for Famous Monsters, and I’ve thought I’ve seen it all. Monsters, ghouls, depraved rednecks, serial killers, graphic violence and sex, etc. What I haven’t seen was a novella like this.

"If you miss the days of movie matinee serials, Flash Gordon, movies with pie plate flying saucers and strings you are going to love Shake, Rattle & Rocket.

"Just reading it brings me back to my childhood, watching reruns of classic serials, rubber monsters and spaceships dangling by a string with sparks shooting out of the back, Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine and Saturday afternoon Creature Features. DC Larson has created something that all us monster kids can sink our teeth in.

"There is no graphic violence, sex, blood or swearing at all. And believe me, there is no need for any.

"It is well written, funny and a heck of a good read. This was the most fun I have had reading in a long time. If you miss the wholesome entertainment of a bygone era you should click on the link above and get Shake, Rattle & Rocket.

"Mr. Larson has renewed my faith that you don’t need all the senseless gore, graphic sex and foul language to entertain.

"This is a book I will treasure always and when things get out of control and I need to reflect back to a simpler time I will pull it out of my library and join in the adventures Captain Eddie Atomic and his sidekicks."
- Peter D. Schwotzer, Famous Monsters of Filmland

"DC Larson will launch you into a rugged retro-spectacular of cosmic proportions! 'Ghost Saucers In the Sky!' will abduct you with it's space age comic book charm, and thrill you with nostalgic futurism!"
- Mr. Lobo, host of cable TV's Cinema Insomnia, star of Plan 9 (2012)

"Like Flash Gordon serials from the 50s...great stories!"
- Marc Bristol, Blue Suede News

"When they make that movie, I want to do the soundtrack!"
- Barry Ryan, Rockats

"DC Larson is on our wavelength!"
- RockabillyBluesSoulman Steve Hooker 

"After only 2 chapters the characters became alive and jumped right off the pages!"
- Martin Telfser, Mars Attacks

"A space age, rock 'n' roll fantasy which brought me back to my
childhood days in the 1950s. But it takes place decades from now!
(How weird is that?) It's great fun and exciting. So give it a read
- John Holmstrom, NYC's 1970s PUNK magazine

"As a dedicated reader of Horror Monsters Magazine and Gene Vincent's 'Be-Bop-A-Lula' being the first record I ever bought - trust me, DC Larson understands the humor and the Rock'n'Roll that goes along with the whole 1950s outer space/sci fi world! Very cool stuff!" 
- Dig Wayne, Buzz and the Flyers, JoBoxers

"DC's retro-based vision of the future is much cooler and more fun than the real thing will ever be!"
Jimmy Tremor, The Tremors

"More fun than a zombie-filled '57 Chevy racing from the
graveyard with a rockabilly soundtrack!"
- Wolfman Nick Falcon, The Young Werewolves

"Sci Fi buffs all over will dig this crazed out spacey adventure which reminds me of the nutty comic books I read in the late 1950's while wearing my tight blue-jeans, in between listening to Little Richard and watching chicks in short shorts flaunting theirs on the boardwalk! I am speechless! It's The Best In The West & The Most In The East To Say The Least!"
- Ronnie Weiser, Rollin' Rock Records

"I've just finished reading DC Larson's 'Shake, Rattle & Rocket' and 'Ghost Saucers In The Sky.' These 'chapter-play' novellas are set in 2040 and 2041 respectively and feature the X-9 chromium spaceship, which is crewed by independent space scientist, Captain Eddie Atomic, and his two sidekicks: ace pilot Spunky and gorgeous robot girl Kioko.

"The books are a homage to science fiction TV series of the 50s such as 'Rocky Jones, Space Ranger' and 'Flash Gordon,' and are fast-paced - almost comic strip type - action adventures. I found both to be wonderfully refreshing reads, and it was great fun to see the heroes encounter Astro-Vampires, saucer flying teen hooligans, and minions of the evil Mystic Claw, who utter such as: "'Space Age'! Gee, it's a great time to be evil!'

"In the second adventure while they try to solve the mystery of the Ghost Saucers, they face new space monsters, the mad sorceress Rontarr and her narcissistic co-conspirator, Apollo DeMilo. My favourite line of this latter's being: "My dear, I will restrict myself to facts! I am the most stunning creature in the galaxy!" Will Eddie Atomic have to dispatch these with his Solarmanite ray pistol which goes ZXZXZXZXZXZXZ! when fired? Or will he use his scientific cunning? Buy, read, enjoy, and discover!

"'Ghost Saucers In The Sky' also contains a bonus horror short set in 1959, in which teenager Chet Bixbee in his V8 powered cherry-red modified roadster faces a dread sludge monster – possibly the accidental creation of a current Monsanto scientist's grandpappy!"
- author Chay Tana, Quest of the Solar Flower

"Great writing and imagery in classic 1950s fashion, even down to crew nicknames. I'd love to be a member of this crew. As you read on, you feel like you're there, in this fascinating world. It's a great read!"
- rocker Jeff Potter

"Has everything a B-movie fan would want: space zombies, hot rod saucers, and a sexy female robot!"
- Eric Callero, Flying Saucers Rock and Roll


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