Thursday, May 28, 2015


Back on the saucer-rocket X-9, the three adventurers sped toward Earth.
"Wonder what Commander McGuffin meant by 'matter most urgent?!'" pilot Spunky asked, his eyes on the looming home world.

Eddie was entering an account of the Zero Star incident in his just-begun Saucer Log II. "Right now, I'd say that's anyone's guess!"
He had come far since his days as a researcher at League of Planet's predecessor Earth Agency. Fed up with constricting routine, he'd struck out on his own. An independent braving outer space, he made his own rules.

As Kioko put it, "Eddie has an amazing intellect!"
"And dynamite in his fists!" Spunky would add.
But the captain had learned the value of uniting with allies, when cooperation toward a shared goal promised advantage.

He watched as Kioko's slender fingers flew across her on-board tele-putor's command console. "Spunky, ease up on accelerators 5 and 7! Earth's League of Planets headquarters is right below us!"

The flyer flicked appropriate toggles. The X-9 began descent. "Can't even see the landing port, from this altitude!" Spunky grinned. "But who'm I to face off with navigational data?!"

"Don't ever question mecha-logistics!" cautioned Kioko. Her purple bodysuit clung. It provided sharp contrast to the male rocket-mens' bulkier silver uniforms. "They're resolutely calibrated to within one trillionth of bio-exactitude!"

Spunky threw up a hand. "Question 'em?! I can't even unnerstan' 'em!"

Eddie laughed. "Understand this: Once we've checked in with the commander, and looked over the new building, we've got to be ready to head back into space! Don't get any notions about time off!"

"None at all?!"

Eddie rose from his master-swivel. "None at all! McGuffin may have a line on trouble! And that's our cue to go into action!"

"Commander McGuffin certainly depends upon us!" Kioko's voice was breathy.

"Yeah!" Spunky cracked. "When playing by the rules isn't good enough!"

Captain Atomic shelved the Saucer Log II. "I've learned a lot from McGuffin over the years! He's on the square, for my money!"

Spunky threw over the governing-mandate lever. The X-9 settled into final ground capture.

Kioko snatched up her compact. "I have just moments to prepare for greeting!"

"Man, oh man!" Spunky affected gruffness, as he locked the aerodynamic craft into End Mode. "We're about to land, and all she's thinking about is pretty war paint!"

Eddie chuckled, and formalized the disembarking process. The ship's inner exit whirred to one side.

"Come on, let's find the Commander!" He strode toward the door. "And, Spunk," the burly captain dropped his voice, conspiratorially. "I'd take it easy on our girl here, if I were you! She's gotten us out of a couple of jams, as I recall!"

"Aw, Cap! I'm only kiddin' her along!" The flyer winked at Kioko. "She knows that, don'tcha?!"

She brushed him to one side. "Don't let it bother you, little man!"

Spunky grinned as she and Eddie moved ahead. "'Little man!'" He pulled up short -- "Huh? HEY!" -- and scrambled to catch up.

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