Saturday, November 10, 2012

NEW! ONLY $10.00!
DC Larson 143 Dawson St. Waterloo, Iowa 50703 
"The characters jumped right off the pages!"
-- MARTIN TELFSER - guitarist for Mars Attacks (Swiss/Austrian neo-rockabilly combo)
"DC Larson will launch you into a rugged retro-spectacular of cosmic proportions! His novel 'Ghost Saucers In the Sky!' will abduct you with it's 'space age comic book charm' and thrill you with nostalgic futurism!"
-- MR. LOBO - nationally syndicated host of television horror movie program Cinema Insomnia
"Great writing and imagery in classic 1950s fashion, even down to crew nicknames. I'd love to be a member of this crew. As you read on, you feel like you're there, in this fascinating world. It's a great read!" -- JEFF POTTER -rock'n'Roll piano player/singer

"Sci Fi buffs all over will dig this crazed out spacey adventure which kinda reminds me of the nutty comic books I would be reading in the late 1950's while wearing my tight blue-jeans, in between listening to Little Richard and watching chicks in short shorts flaunting theirs on the boardwalk!

Frankie Laine sang "Ghost Riders In The Sky" but here we go one further, I am speechless, and don't know what to say, except that this novel, and I would prefer not to call it a novel-- doesn't sound nasty enough-- at any rate whatever we call it, It's The Best In The West & The Most In The East To Say The Least!"
-- RONNY WEISER - founder/producer, Rollin' Rock Records

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