Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Author statement

As a teenager in early 1970s Iowa, I gleefully corrupted myself with the most 'unrespectable' elements pop culture bore. Friday nights were devoted to lights-off worship of local TV reruns of bargain-basement horror and sci fi cinema. Rubbery monsters and pie-pan flying saucers enflamed my youthful imaginings, as did dog-eared copies of Marvel comics and Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine.

They provided escape from the boredom of the serious world, an escape
enhanced by the Rock'n'Roll that blared from a transistor radio.

Before writing Shake, Rattle & Rocket!, I researched recently-published sci fi novels. I was disappointed to find only volume upon volume dealing with mystical sorcerers, scimitar-hefting barbarians, post-apocalyptic miseries, or some combination of the three.

Many seemed interchangeable. Worst of all, each was deadly serious.

Where was the fun, the humor, the kicks of early sci fi and horror movies, of vintage comic books? For its part, Rock'n'Roll had become corporate 'Rock,' and was often stodgy and uninteresting.

I hope to throw open a neglected window on old-school sci fi entertainment that doesn't take itself too seriously and that offers the fun and escape many doubtless still crave.
- DC Larson

DC LARSON's rock'n'roll writings have appeared in Goldmine, Rockabilly Magazine, Counterpunch, Rock & Rap Confidential, Blue Suede News, and others.

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